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Acadiana’s Premiere one-stop, full-service accounting and business consulting firm. 

Recognizing the need for more personalized, relationship-based financial consulting services, Wayne and Eline Rabalais launched Rabalais Business Consulting in 1980 to provide accounting services for small businesses & individuals in Lafayette LA. Today, the Rabalais Team are trusted advisors for a broad range of companies and individuals.

On the business side, Rabalais Business Consulting works with clients in a wide array of industries including manufacturing, distribution, logistics, retail, professional services, real estate & construction, healthcare, and more. On the personal side, the firm serves families, small business owners, high-net-worth individuals, and others. In all cases, Rabalais Business Consulting helps its clients minimize their tax liabilities, navigate their financial challenges, and maximize growth opportunities across their life cycles.

If you are looking for a small business accountant in Lafayette LA, we encourage you to get in touch with our team today to get started.

Wayne Rabalais


Wayne had worked in federal funds acquisition and management in the public sector from 1973 to 1976. Between 1976 and 1979, he worked as a private loan and grants consultant in the Lafayette area. His wife Elaine and he started Rabalais Business Consulting in September 1980 through the purchase of a business consulting franchise.

Knowing about the impact and depth of small businesses in our economy, he was drawn to this franchise as a way to help small businesses in our area with tax, accounting, and business consulting problems.

They love to work with the “mom and pop” business owners to try to help them figure out how to pay less taxes and improve their profit. They love helping their clients deal with the paperwork so that the business owners can become more efficient and comfortable with their small business. Plus they get to know the persons behind the business; they have met many fascinating people that way. Their clients usually become their friends.

Early on, they decided to not have lots and lots of clients as a way to give personal, customized service. Because of that philosophy, the large majority of their clients have been with them for 15+ years.

In 1987 Wayne became a licensed insurance agent. Presently Wayne is one of two Louisiana agents associated with (Fran) Tarkenton Financial Services, offering not only life insurance products, but unique retirement products. In 2010, he was named to the top 25 agents of Tarkenton Financial Services. Wayne has also been named several times to the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT).

Elaine Rabalais


Elaine and Wayne opened Rabalais Business Consulting in 1980. For many years, Elaine was the sole accountant at the firm.  She took care of the client’s monthly accounting, and problem-solving, while Wayne took care of client acquisition, all tax returns, and advising.

About 18 months ago, Elaine decided to step away from the firm. She is still active in the firm when needed, and is always available for advice.  Our two accountants, Rachelle and Elizabeth, know that they can consult with Elaine about any accounting problem.

Rachelle Higdon

Accountant, Tax Return Preparer, Special Projects!

Rachelle has been a member of our team for over two years. She has a BS in Business Administration and a Major in Accounting from USL where she graduated back in December of 1988.

Hear what Rachelle has to say about her job…”I enjoy utilizing my skills and many years of experience to deliver excellent customer service to our small business clients. I like working with the RBC team, knowing we are making a measurable and positive difference.” – Rachelle H.

When not working she enjoys traveling, gardening, spending time with her family, and most recently became obsessed with raising Monarch butterflies!


Company Mascot

This truck is the newest non-human member of our firm. He is named “Buster”, which is the name of one of Wayne’s school bus driver many, many, many years ago. Buster is a 1953 Chevrolet Panel Truck (the precursor of the Suburban/Yukon). He was built in Kansas City, has an AMC Pacer front end, a 1967 Camaro 5-speed transmission, and a 19?? Chevy pickup back end.

The dashboard, the frame, all doors, the only 2 seats, and the body are original. Buster is air conditioned when all the windows are open and travelling over 35 miles per hour.

Because of the spotlight, we think Buster was used by some tradesman: electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc. He was not used as a police paddy wagon since there is no hole in the roof for the red police “bubble gum”.

If you see Buster around town, take a picture and email to us.

Buster symbolizes the old-fashioned personal service you will get from our firm. You will never be just another client with us.

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