At this time of year, as part of our on-going tax consulting efforts, we are performing a mid-year tax analysis for our clients.  We essentially prepare a mid-year tax return.  Our small business clients appreciate knowing now (within an 85% certainty) what their 2013 tax picture will look like.  That is both their business and personal tax picture.

Our client’s small business is usually the sole source of income for their family, so their hard-earned dollars are important to them.  They do not want to overpay or underpay their taxes every year.  Because of our close relationship with our clients, we can give them a firm estimate of what their 2013 personal and business tax levels will be TODAY.  That way, with our help, they can make any adjustments in their business, tax wise.

If you would like to know TODAY what your 2013 business and personal tax picture will look like, and not wait until December to find out, give us a call at 981-2577 or email us at to set up a visit, to discuss this and any other aspect of your small business.

What you pay or don’t pay at year-end shouldn’t be a surprise!!

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