As small business survival specialists, we understand the importance of not over-paying your taxes.  We provide detailed tax reviews for small business clients on an on-going basis.  Most of these clients have had their past tax returns prepared by either a large accounting firm, or by one of the big-box tax preparation companies.  These firms and companies simply do not have enough time to relate to the small business client and get to know the client-both on a personal level as well as on a business level.  Because of these situations, we find that, of the hundreds of business tax reviews that we have completed, in over 95% of those, tax dollars were left on the table.

Below are the “Before” and “After” of a 2012 tax review that we recently prepared for a married couple who each had a small business.  The tax SAVINGS are REAL.

Can we do the same thing for you and your small business?  Perhaps.  But you need to pick up the phone and call us at 981-2577 or send us an email at to have your FREE, no obligation tax review done for you!!

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